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OurPact Places

Never Ask "Where are you?" Again

Keeping track of your kids can feel like a full-time job. With OurPact, parents can create geofences around specific locations to ensure their kids are safe and connected. With a touch – or an alert! – OurPact will share your kid's location, at any time. Talk about peace of mind!

How It Works

Peace of Mind

OurPact’s Family Locator brings an end to:

Where to Start:

We recommend creating Places for home, your child’s school, family/friend's houses, and any other location your child spends time frequently. We’ll take it from there.

iPhone Parental Controls

Access your OurPact parental controls at any time using the free OurPact iOS app.

iPad Parental Controls

OurPact’s parental control app is available for any shared family iPad or tablet.

Android Parental Controls

OurPact for Android works with any Android smartphone or tablet.

OurPact Features

Block App

Block Internet

Block Testing

Family Locator


App Rules


Web Filter