Our Products

Our Products

Aria’s Adventures

Nominated for Toy Award 2018! A.R.I.A’s Adventures is an educational interactive set with 3 different games in 1 box: 100interactive flash cards, Virtual Reality animal park and 3D coloring pages. Use your smart device or the included VR head set and allow A.R.I.A to take you on an incredible virtual journey.

AR Coloring Books

Color your favorite characters and bring them into the real world! Enhance your creativity, take photos with your beloved characters and share your drawings digitally.

Wise Pets Toys

A set of funny, cuddly and clever smartphone/tablet protectors designed especially for babies and kids. The unique set comes to life with a free app, which includes rich content and activities.Kids can enjoy the cuddly toy with or without the app, while parents get device protection and a travel accessory!

I Sticky

An Augmented Reality (AR) pop up scene with an amazingset of stickers. Scan, stick and play to create your own world of adventures.


AniMatesis animaginative and interactive Augmented Reality playset. With durable plastic action figures and a free app on your smart device – this traditional toy is enhanced by 21st century technology.

App & Book: Incredible Worlds

A children’s book and a free app with more than 100 activities, stories and games. Simply download the app, place your mobile device on one of the book’s pages and start playing!

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