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Uniq App Blocker

The Uniq app blocker is a dream come true with parents of young children or teens. Whether you want to stop device use during meals or bedtime, we let you easily block apps with the touch of your finger.

You have the ability to block or grant access at-a-touch or set up automatic schedules according to your child’s daily routine. For instance, families can block Facebook and other popular apps during dinner time, whether that’s 5:45 or 7:00pm. We also let you schedule device access to encourage healthy device habits, so that homework and chores are finished before the fun begins..

How It Works

Reward Screen Time

On the flipside, you have the ability to reward device access at anytime. Parents can block device access until dishes are put away or until the trash is rolled out to the curb. After chores and tasks are up to your satisfaction simply grant access to your child in the OurPact Family Dashboard. It’s that easy.

Open the Conversation

Ultimately, the OurPact app blocker enables parents and their children to discuss screen time together. Parents can lay ground rules for when internet and app blocking may occur, and discuss creating schedules when app access is granted and when it’s removed with their children. It beats the divisiveness associated with threats and nagging, and creates an opportunity for families to better understand the role technology plays in each others’ lives.

iPhone Parental Controls

Access your OurPact parental controls at any time using the free OurPact iOS app.

iPad Parental Controls

OurPact’s parental control app is available for any shared family iPad or tablet.

Android Parental Controls

OurPact for Android works with any Android smartphone or tablet.

OurPact Features

Block App

Block Internet

Block Testing

Family Locator


App Rules


Web Filter